The Hand Book of Haematology

  • Author :Jayathiee Sen
  • ISBN : 9789385274428
  • Edition : 1st Ed. 2019
  • Size : 18 CM X 24 CM
  • Pages : 192
  • Price : INR 400.00 / USD 10.00
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In This Book : Introduction to Haematology – Definition; Brief History; Laboratory Organization; Basic Laboratory Instruments and their Applications; Laboratory Safety Guidelines; SI Units and Conventional Units in Hospital Laboratory ; Normal Constituents of Blood – Plasma; Red Blood Cells [Erythrocytes]; Haemoglobin [Hb]; White Blood Cells [Leucocytes/Leukocytes]; Platelets [Thrombocytes] ; Functions of Various Constituents of Blood – Functions of Blood Plasma; Functions of Red Blood Cells (RBC) or Erythrocytes; Functions of White Blood Cells (WBC) or Leukocytes ; Formation of Blood – Sites of Formation ; Anticoagulants ; Collection of Blood Samples – Materials Required for Blood Collection; Materials Required for Transfer and Storage of the Blood Sample; Procedure of Blood Sample Collection; Precautions During Blood Sample Collection; Anticoagulants used for Blood Sample Collection ; Haemostasis and Coagulation ; Blood Grouping and Typing – ABO System ; Principles of Blood Banking and Blood Transfusion ; Anaemias – Definition; General Causes of Anaemias; Classification of Anaemia; Haemolytic Anaemia; Megaloblastic Anaemia; Schilling Test; Iron Deficiency Anaemia; Estimation of Serum Iron and Iron Binding Capacity ; Haemopoietic and Bleeding Disorders – Leukaemia ; Routine Haematological Tests and Normal Values – Tests for Determination of Haemoglobin Level; Estimation of Haematocrit Value; Determination of Total Value of RBC; Determination of Total Value of WBC; Determination of Value of Platelets; Estimation of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR); Reticulocyte Count; Blood Grouping; Arneth Count; Preparation of Blood Film for Differential Count (DC) & RBC Morphology; Eosinophil Count (EC); Red Cell Indices and its Calculation; Separation of Blood Plasma & Serum (from Whole Blood) ; Special Haematological Tests and Normal Values ; Bone Marrow Biopsy Study

  • INR Price - 400.00
  • USD Price - 10.00

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