Must Knows in Ophthalmology and Oral and Practical

  • Author : Sambuddha Ghosh
  • ISBN : 9789385274404
  • Edition : 1st Ed. 2019
  • Size : 18 CM X 21 CM
  • Pages : 288
  • Price : INR 250.00 / USD 6.25
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In This Book : Chapter 1 : History Taking and Examination History Taking; Examination Chapter 2 : Viva Voce Ocular Symptoms; Anatomy; Physiology of Vision; Drugs Used in Ocular Disorders; Optics and Refraction; Conjunctiva; Cornea and Eye Bank; Crystalline Lens and its Diseases; Diseases of the Uveal Tract, Sclera and Intraocular Inflammation; Glaucoma; Lid; Lacrimal Apparatus; Dacryocystitis; Extraocular Muscles and Strabismus; Trauma; Retina; Ocular Tumor; Binocular Single Vision; Orbit; Optic Nerve and Visual Pathway Diseases; Community Ophthalmology; Vision Loss in the Elderly Chapter 3 : Practical Cases and Skill Assessment with Relevant Questions About this Section; 8 Color Plates; List of the Cases; Immature Cataract; Mature Cataract; Pseudophakia; Chalazion; Chronic Dacryocystitis; Progressive Pterygium; Atrophic Pterygium; Corneal Ulcer; Leucoma; Macular Corneal Opacity; Adherent Leucoma (Covering Pupil); Adherent Leucoma (Not Covering Pupil); Anterior Staphyloma; Phthisis Bulbi; Red Eye : Anterior Uveitis Chapter 4 : Common Surgeries and Instruments Ocular Anesthesia; Cataract Surgery; Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR); Dacryocystectomy (DCT); Enucleation; Evisceration; Paracentesis; Tarsorrhaphy; Surgery for Glaucoma; Keratoplasty; Refractive Surgery; Common Instruments Chapter 5 : Counseling and Consent

  • INR Price - 250.00
  • USD Price - 6.25

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