Medical Handbook for Medical Representatives

  • Author : K. Majumdar
  • ISBN : 8186793852
  • Edition : 12th, 2011, Revised Reprint, 2016
  • Size : 14 CM X 22 CM
  • Pages : 610
  • Price : INR 330.00 / USD 8.25
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In This Book : Fundamental Aspects of Human Biology ; Blood and Haemopoietic System; Cardiovascular System; Respiratory System; Gastrointestinal System; Urinary System; Reproductive System in the Male; Reproductive System in the Female; Pregnancy and Related Issues; Mammary Glands: Physiological & Pathological Aspects; Endocrine Glands and Hormones; Nervous System and Neurological Diseases; Musculo-Skeletal System (Bones, Joints and Muscles); Skin and Common Skin Diseases; Ear and its Diseases/Disorders; Eye and the Common Eye Diseases; Mouth Cavity, Teeth, Tonsils and Salivary Glands; Diseases of the Nose, Paranasal Sinuses and Adenoids; Nutrition, Dietetics and Common Nutritional Disorders; Allergy and Anti-Allergic Drugs; Body’s Defence Mechanism; Pathogenicorganisms, Infections and Infestations; Protozoal and Helminthic Diseases; Tuberculosis and Anti-Tuberculous Treatment; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD); Viral Infections and Anti-Viral Drugs; Antibiotics; Sulphonamides and Combination Products; Common Analgesics and Antipyretics; Common Hypnotics and Sedatives; Anti-Psychotic Drugs and Anxiolytic Tranquillisers ; Hypertension and Common Hypotensive Drugs ; Common Antispasmodic or Spasmolytic Drugs ; Corticosteroids ; Water and Electrolyte Balance in the Body (and Replenishment of Fluid-Electrolytes) ; Antiseptics and Disinfectants; WHO Set Norms for Common Injection Procedures and Techniques; Appendix: Stages in human life (age-wise), Additional medical topics in importance, Technological aids and devices in the management of certain diseases, Immunisation (for prophylactic and therapeutic purpose), Pharmacological and therapeutic terms, Diagnostic special investigation, Terms used for the medical practitioners, Units, measures and weight, Universal fitness exercises.

  • INR Price - 330.00
  • USD Price - 8.25

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