Basu's Dental Material Science

  • Author : Gitanjali Mittal Kothari
  • ISBN : 9789385274138
  • Edition : 5th Ed. Enlarged, 20178
  • Size : 18 CM X 24 CM
  • Pages : 445
  • Price : INR 410.00 / USD 10.25
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In This Book INTRODUCTION AND PROPERTIES OF DENTAL MATERIALS Introduction to Dental Materials Science; Structure of Matter and Role of Adhesion in Dental Materials; Properties of Dental Materials; Biocompatibility of Dental Material. AUXILLARY IMPRESSION MATERIALS Impression Materials; Non Elastic Impression Materials; Elastic Impression Materials; Gypsum Products; Casting Investments Materials; Dental Waxes; Dental Polymers; Dental Alloy Casting Procedures. DIRECT RESTORATIVE MATERIALS Bonding of Restorations; Restorative Resins; Dental Cements; Dental Amalgam Direct Filling Gold. INDIRECT RESTORATIVE MATERIALS Denture Base Resins; Dental Casting and Soldering Alloys; Dental Ceramics; Microstructure and Solidification of Metals; Alloys : Solidification and Phase Diagram; Wrought Metal Alloys. MISCELLANEOUS Dental Die Materials; Finishing and Polishing Materials; Soldering, Brazing and Welding; Materials for Extra Oral Prostheses and Orthodontia; Dental Implant.

  • INR Price - 410.00
  • USD Price - 10.25

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